About us

VXY is a newly established beauty brand in Hong Kong under VXY Nano Technology Limited (a subsidiary of Xyber Force International Co. Ltd) incorporated in 2017. Up till now, more than ten items have been launched in the market. Our flagship product, VXY Nano Invisible Facelift can rejuvenate skin cells swiftly in just THREE seconds. Breaking through the tradition of facial masks, state-of-the-art Nano fiber technology has been applied to form a DRY and preservatives-free ultra-thin layer of facial treatment essences. Together with an emission rate of Far Infrared Rays (average 90%) to enhance blood circulation and stimulate cell regeneration, one can experience magical skincare results even wearing make-up on the face.

VXY Nano Invisible Facelift is a game-changer in the skincare industry with R&D partly funded by the Hong Kong Innovations and Technology Fund and invented joint-handedly with Nano & Advanced Materials Institute Co. Ltd. VXY participated in the 46th International Exhibition of Inventions Geneva and won the GOLD PLUS award in April 2018. With a production line located in Hong Kong, VXY is truly a Hong Kong product.

Xyber Force was established in 2011 and has won many prize awards and gained recognitions ever since with Xyber Force Energy Tapes harnessing the power of Far Infrared Rays and bio-informatics. Please visit the following links to know more:

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