Our Technology

VXY, World's first Nano Invisible Facelift in JUST 3 seconds!!!
GOLD PLUS Award Winner in 2018 International Inventions of Geneva

Form- less in application
Waste-less in essence
Limit-less in occasion

We are not selling cosmetics
We are selling technology

Patented (pending) technology
Infused with over 90% Far Infrared Rays
Active ingredients loaded with Nano Fiber
Paradigm shifting

Instant Facelifting - How it works?
Effect of Far Infrared Rays
Far Infrared Rays has been proven to have immediate effect on human mitochondrion and Adenosine Tri-phosphate (ATP) and Nitric Oxide, which will instantly release additional oxygen and hemoglobin within the blood vessels that cause a fast biological reaction in cells oxygenation and rejuvenation.

Suggested Experiment to test for yourself
1) Take out a piece of VXY, cut it into half (left & right face).
2) Take a photo of yourself before application.
3) Choose either your left face or right face to test.
4) If you choose your left face, place VXY on the left face, spray water all over VXY to allow Nano Invisible Facelift to dissolve completely.
5) After 3 seconds, peel off VXY black substrate.
6) Take a photo after the application (or you check it out from the mirror or by a friend)
7) You then observe the following effects on left face and to compare it with right face:
i) Immediate UPLIFTING sensation
ii) Immediate whitening.
iii) Left face lifted up and slimmer
iv) Skin pores, wrinkles, aging lines become more refined
v) Eye lifted and feel brighter
vi) Use a finger to lightly press on the cheek to feel it is more elastic
vii) Overall complexion shows a radiant glow

Incredible 3 Seconds

Why need the black substrate?
It is because the ultra-thin layer created by nano-fiber is way too delicate to be handled with bare hands. Once in contact with moisture, polymers holding the molecules of ingredients will be dissolved instantly. Making it impossible to be applied on the face easily. With the help of the black substrate, users can see clearly when the treatment is being completed.

How to use?
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